Announcing the Wheel of Levy

Pepsi NEXT is a mid-calorie soda that actually has real cola taste and 60% less sugar - pretty unbelievable in a world cluttered with bland diet sodas and sugary drinks.

Since this cola is barely a year old, 2013 business goals remained the same - get the word out about the unbelievable taste of Pepsi Next and get people to try it. Especially because once you taste it, we know you’ll love it.

The brief:

Go beyond the expected in-store sampling stations to get Pepsi Next into the hands of people in unbelievable ways. 

The answer:

(Wait for it…)

Pepsi NEXT and The Barbarian Group present The Wheel of Levy - an integrated campaign where Latin heartthrob William Levy seduces your tastebuds with the power of his acting skills and the unbelievable taste of Pepsi Next. 

On this highly visual and game-like site, you’ll spin a wheel to watch a seductive performance by one of the many Levy characters - a hunky doctor, a romantic, a Rambo-esque action hero or more. If seduced, you’ll receive a free 2L of Pepsi Next so you can drink it to believe it. If not - which is highly unlikely - you can keep spinning to watch all 6 characters. We know you’ll be convinced.

Wheel of Levy is also supported by a :30/:15s TV spot, a paid digital and social buy (including Buzzfeed, YouTube, and E! online takeovers), some in-store goodness, and a large press day including William appearances on Good Morning LA, Extra!, Mario Lopez live, and more. Not to mention, the campaign is also running in Spanish, making it Pepsi NEXT’s largest Hispanic effort to date. Which is super bueno.


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